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It's about showing up for yourself

On-Site 'Mobile' Treatments

Monday 8:00-19:00
Tuesday 8:00-19:00
Wednesday 8:00-19:00
Friday 8:00-19:00


Office Hours

Thursday 8:00-19:00

Saturday 8:00-19:00

14 impasse des primevères,
Résidence Mummery 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
Chamonix Massage Clinique wants to make self care convenient and available for you. We work with your needs and intentions to create a program that fits into your holiday so that you can get the most out of the mountains and your time.
 Sessions are organised either from the comfort of your home, holiday rental or in our central office location 

appointments made at
+33(0) 6 45 71 64 37

Mobile Massage 


Mobile massage is the ideal option for individuals and groups who want the therapeutic benefit and tranquillity of a massage in the comfort of their own space. Treatments are catered to each individual's needs and intentions as we transforme your accommodation into a relaxing salon environment. Choose between a relaxing Holistic massage to find inner peace and melt the muscle tension; or a deep tissue sports massage which leaves your body rejuvenated after long days in the mountains. Chamonix Massage Clinique wants to make sure your body is ready for the outdoors by creating individually tailored treatments which prepare the muscles for activity to minimize the risk of injury. Book now and your body will thank you later.





Time                     Mobile                   In office


1 hour .........................100€                     80€

1 1/2 hour................. 140€                    110€

2 hours ..................... 180€                    140€

+33 (0)6 45 71 64 37 

Sports Massage 

Holistic Massage

We demand a lot out of our bodies; here in the mountains whether we are hiking, biking, climbing, running, skiing, mountaineering or flying, our muscular system is put under immense pressure to perform. The smallest knots, strains or tweaks can manifest into day-ending pain. Massage will help to warm up your muscles while relieving knots and trigger points. When our muscles are relaxed they absorb more nutrients and oxygen leading to healthier tissue and enabling you to perform at your best. Think ahead and prevent a small injury from interrupting your adventure with a pre-sports massage. 

Life in the mountains is fatiguing on our bodies, even without stomping to the top of Mont Blanc or walking the TMB. Our bodies react to the added elevation of 1000m by retaining water to protect our vitals. A relaxing lymphatic drainage massage is a perfect way to flush this extra fluid through the system, promoting cell regeneration and digestion in an hour of peace and tranquility. Massage not only benefits the body's muscular systems but also the mind. Activation the parasympathetic nervous system allows your body to regenerate, digest, process emotions and encourages psycosomatic release. Taking time for yourself and showing up for yourself is a powerful act of self love. The world is an ever changing and challenging place, this love provides us with the strength and courage to face it with acceptance. 



Suffering from a severe bout of sciatica, Claire helped to release the excessive tension in my calves and glutes. The surroundings were really relaxing and I definitely left feeling both mentally and physically rejuvenated. I will definitely book in again when I'm next in Chamonix.

- Owen 


All-round wonderful experience! From ease of booking, to the calm and looked-after feeling you experience after the massage, Claire meets your expectations and then exceeds them. She provides a truly personal experience, as she shapes the session around what your body needs. Looking forward to the next massage!

- Dani 

Hand Massage

I'm so pleased to have found claire as a massage therapist and now I see her regularly. I find that she offers the perfect combination of listening to what you say you need and also acting intuitively based on her own knowledge. I've found her approach and techniques to be really effective, and she's managed to relax incredibly tight areas after just one session. She comes highly recommended!

- Fiona

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